What a fantastic night! Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen, to all of our exhibitors and our guests of course!
If you didn’t manage to make it to the opening, you can still come and check out the amazing talent we have in the EDGED Showroom this season. We’re open until the 20th of January, 11am – 8pm at Galerie Lacke Farben, Brunnenstrasse 170, Mitte.


Luka Maurer’s aim is clear : the exploration and adaptation of the traditional three piece suit. Maurer, the winner of the 2011 Best Fashion Design Collection, HEAD, Geneva, believes male clothing has not changed since the 19th century, though our expectations have. By revisiting the well-founded elegance of the past and adapting it to the modern man, Luka Maurer delivers a wearable, sophisticated and bold AW12/13 collection, which comprises a strong, sensual dimension.



Design label Vaporetta Berlin was founded by Isabel Pikart in 2001. During the Berlin Fashion Week showroom days, Vaporetta Berlin presents their first ring collection. The combination and reinterpretation of South American and European lifestyles is one of the  themes explored by Vaporetta Berlin. Inspiration is also drawn from Brazilian Neoconcretismo, characterized by a “longing for form”. Vaporetta Berlin’s “L’Histoire de Mimi Cri” ring collection is crafted from porcelain and will be available in three models: Pool Blue (azure blue), Bicho (black blue) and Ouro Branco (snow-white and partially gold-plated). Each model is limited to 32 pieces and is numbered by hand.


We didn’t. We had. Why?

We didn’t need dialogue. We had faces. Why the face?
A dark cellar, three illuminated boxes sunk in the ground. Human beings dancing on a screen. Creatures, sterile, naked, sleeping in the boxes.
We didn’t. We had. Why? is the examination by five students of the University of Applied Sciences Trier. Finding themselves in a time between study and their expected future, which they face only having their final creations.
Agnes Boleslawski, Elisa Damm, Paula Knorr, Jennifer Koch and Raphaela Rose started their fashion design studies in spring 2009 at the University of Applied Sciences Trier, which they will now graduate with their BA Collections. Their responsible supervisor is Prof. Dirk Wolfes. They would like to acknowledge support for their installation for EDGED from Tobias Benz and Bastian Reuter.


Paula Knorr’s graduate collection “Skin” centres around the abstract representation of the naked human form. Details of individual body outlines and different surface qualities offer diverse sources of inspiration. Shapes, colours and textures, when taken out of their original context, present new and strange attractions. Despite all deforming abstraction even the dissected nudeness still provides a sensual and erotic character which is typified by this collection.



“Path to Decay” is the graduate collection of Jennifer Koch. Due to her German / Korean background Koch has always shown an interest in other cultures, with a particular interest in central Asian nomadic tribes. Her graduate collection transforms this culture and aesthetic, creating a post apocalyptic world where tribes recycle items preserved from their civilised past.


Elisa Damm’s graduate collection “Random Noise” is an experimental examination of the different and seemingly incompatible characteristics found in a cocoon. Protective but fragile, armored but weightless and transparent. Smooth and perfect, but spun following a chaotic principle. A tightly wrapped protective coat, the cocoon is at the mercy of its surrounding world. This exploration manifests itself in transparent down jackets with strict but unusual cuts, technical fabrics, and fragile hand knitted, knotted and woven surfaces that visually replicate the tension between self protection and vulnerability, order and chaos. “Random Noise” is an ongoing work and the graduate collection of Elisa Damm of FH Trier, supervised by Professor Dirk Wolfes.


Agnes Boleslawski’s collection “Heliocentric” reflects on the notion of the sun as the centre of the universe. Three different overall patterns that embody their sun in a done and dusted sphere, act as an intermediary between subjective perception and objective exercise. The ten outfits of Boleslawski’s collection are based on the geometric form of a hexagon, using clear lines and sharp exceptions. Every piece is repeated three times in order to create a perfect ratio to its pattern, resulting in completely different outcomes.“Heliocentric” is Agnes Boleslawski’s graduate collection from FH Trier, supervised by Professor Dirk Wolfes.


Raphaela Rose explores the cultural revolution of the 1920’s in her graduate collection “The Twenties”. Rose was particularly drawn to the literary montage technique that emerged at the time, transferring this principle to fashion and incorporating it into her work. Elements of painting, film, literature and culture of the 1920´s are brought together and function as sources of inspiration for fabrication, colour palette and cut. Bauhaus, Kurt Schwitters, the films of Fritz Lang, self confident women such as Amelia Earheart and Josephine Baker and men’s fashion of the twenties were such sources.


Berlin based label Zillmann takes extraordinary materials, and a no rules approach to design to create their whimsical collections. Their current collection “Underdog”, explores a fantastic journey from the underwater world to the universe, proposing a meeting between alien life and earthly rabbits. The collection includes accessories such as hats, fascinators and necklaces, all made in limited runs. Zillmann have also released a new T-shirt collection entitled “Kneipmkinda” featuring unique hand airbrushed designs.


Feminine elegance harmoniously juxtaposed with cool and refreshing cuts form the basis of the Berlin based label Glaw. Nostalgic nuances of times gone by reflect the architectural, artistic and literary inspirations of founders Jesko Wilke and Poweleit Maria, recent graduates of the Berlin branch of the International Academy of Fashion ESMOD. The feel and colour palate of their AW 12/13 collection recalls the work of painter David Friedrich, remodelling traditional silhouettes and forms through tie-dyed leathers and hearty reds, and updating them to a modern context.



Upon completing her studies, at the Berlin Weißensee School of Art, Isabel Vollrath received several awards including the “Go-East-Scholarship” of the DAAD, allowing her to spend two months at the Stieglitz-Academy for Art and Design in St. Petersburg. Innovative as well as artistic attempts, design-critical questions and conflicts concerning her job and business as fashion designer, confront her personal, varied experiences in Russia. Linguistic barriers and disorientation, loneliness and longing for familiar people and faces made her arrival to be a true “cultural shock”. A manifold mix of materials and sculptural elements determine the general view of the collection.



Berlin designers Ivonne Budimir and Inga Nietzelt use quality materials and exceptional cuts to create the cool urban style of Wkndlvrs. Budimir and Nietzelt draw on many years of experience, setting a high standard of quality of the workmanship and materials of their luxury clothing and accessories. Wkndlvrs create two collections a year catering for men and women. The weekend is something to look forward to after a hard week where your talents and opportunities have been used to the fullest. What counts is your passion, whatever it is for. The weekend is your reward to relax, explore, to try something new. wkndlvrs is the expression of this attitude to life




A rising star of the Asian fashion design world, Max.Tan has been considered one of the most significant emerging Asian talents since its debut at Modafabriek in 2010. Max.tan’s designs explore minimalism, maintaining somber colours and carefully tailored unconventional shapes. Though constantly evolving with every collection, the work centres around the deconstruction of pre-established social boundaries and identities.