EDGED Selected / Conceptstore M

Reflection as a principle and strategy of the everyday life combat, like Friedrich Nietzsche used to celebrate it, is a central point of reference for the IVANMAN AW 13/14 collection. Thinking is his life, his passion. Although this ability fades more an more, from day to day. Genius and madness go hand in hand. What happens when the music of thinking stops? Ivan Mandzukic was fascinated by the thoughts, feelings and states of the soul of this extraordinary philosopher and so became part of his own state of mind, which is reflected in this out of the ordinary collection. The clothing pieces imitate the state of intensity, which you can experience while thinking and reflecting about life. The colors, the strong contrast of light and dark symbolize the thoughts and inspiration as well as
the loosing and disappearing of the clear and bright consciousness.


The new AW 13/14 collection of IVANMAN will be presented for the first time to professoinal audience within an opening ceremony on Monday the 14th of January start 6 p.m. at Conceptstore M. EDGED Selected curated the installation and at the same time celebrates the menswear designer as new regular clients of the agency.From the 15th until the 18th of January the Installation will be open to a wider audience. On the 16th of January , start 6 p.m., visitors can expect an exceptional liveconcert by the Berlin Band Sweatshirt.


Conceptstore M
Gipsstraße 5
10119 Berlin

Drinks: Bier Bier

Special thanks to: Ümit Mentese